May 30 – June 1:       West Texas Jazz Party

  The world’s oldest continuous jazz party celebrates its 58th year!

  I’m proud to ‘walk’ in the footsteps of my mentors – bassists Red Callender and John Clayton – who also played this event.

  For information – including tickets, musicians and accommodations – please visit:   West Texas Jazz Society 


            4     Leo Chelyapov – private party (klezmer)

            13     Monthly Jazz Concert

                      Plas Johnson

            14   Rickey Woodard – private party

            20    Betty Bryant – Apple Valley, CA

            24   Betty Bryant   –  Vibrato


            10    Plas Johnson

            23 – 26   San Diego Jazz Party


            2    Zinovy Goro  (klezmer)

                   Plas Johnson

            9  Richard Bernard   (klezmer)

            17  Catali

10/13 – 10/16 Roswell Jazz Festival

The site of a 1947 event that witnesses say marked the crash landing of a UFO is now a  host to an annual Jazz Festival significant ‘note.’

Artists included saxophonists Houston Person and Harry Allen; trombonists John Allred and Dan Barrett; pianists  Larry Fuller and Johnny Varro; percussionists Ricky Malichi and Chuck Redd; trumpeter Randy Sandke; vocalist Rebecca Kilgore; and a host of regional talent.

A salute to the Board, the tireless volunteers, and the hundreds of fans for supporting this “out-of-this-world” event!